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Honest Divorce
7/10 by 3 users
Title:Honest Divorce
Release: 2021-12-09
Runtime: 98 min.
Genre: Comedy
Stars: Aleksandr Robak, Agata Mutsenietse, Andrey Borisov, Anna Nevskaya, Andrey Fedortsov, Yuliya Sules
Overview: Gena tried all his life to be the support of the family. For this, he even abandoned his stormy youth and dreams of becoming a KVN star. And when, 25 years later, his wife called him boring and offered to divorce, Gena decides to make up for lost time - fill his life with adventure and go to the KVN festival in Sochi. And a new acquaintance pushes him to this journey - a beautiful girl of very easy virtue. She is sure that the talented Gena will quickly become a star of humor with her help. If it doesn't disappear even faster, along with a decent amount from Genya's card.